Dark Shadows

There was a time when a Tim Burton – Johnny Depp combo ensured sure box-office success. Somewhere down the line when Johnny Depp can no longer be differentiated from Jack Sparrow the Pirate.

Since the Pirates of the Caribbean became a global phenomenon – Johnny Depp has starred in box-office duds like The Tourist and The Rum Diary. He voiced the chameleon in the highly entertaining animation feature Rango as well.

Dark Shadows is based on a successful American TV series from the 60s.

The movie has an impressive star-cast – JD, Eva Green as beautiful as a fresh rose highlighted with dew drops in the early morning mist :), Michelle Pfieffer, Helena Bonham Carter and many others.

JD plays Barnabas the son of a fishing magnate who is cursed by a witch Eva Green playing Angelique to become a vampire because Barnabas spurned her love. He is cursed and put to sleep in a coffin which is laid to rest in the woods.

The years pass and the Collins family (JD’s descendants) are in dire financial straits with a business that has crumbled beyond repair and a mansion / castle that has gone to the ruins.

Construction work awakens JD from his slumber in the coffin and he returns bang with a vengeance to set things right and solve the issues plaguing the Collins family.

How he goes about his enterprise, warding off the charms of Angelique and her magic, finding true love again and interacting with the towns-folk and also getting his daily dose of fresh human blood is how the story progresses!

Definitely worth watching once 🙂

Click here to view the Dark Shadows trailer


2 comments on “Dark Shadows

  1. A very well formulated review… one that’s both crisp and concise!!! Gr8 start!!! 🙂

  2. meshuiyer says:

    Thanks Murtaza Bhai loads of reviews lined up 🙂

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